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Beauty knowledge: horny maintenance i...

Beauty knowledge: horny maintenance is not equal to a simple exfoliation

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Cuticle is the skin of the outermost layer of the arrangement, but also the true sense of the "skin barrier", by the tens of thousands of dead cells and semi-apoptotic cells. Between the cells there are many essential lipid composition of the cell stroma, can be like brick and cement, cell interstitial cells can promote the close placement of keratinocytes, skin look detailed and smooth, revealing moist and shiny sense.

And the human body the same as other organs, the skin also has its own characteristics and innovation cycle, under normal conditions, keratinocyte metabolism is about 40 days, with aging keratinocytes fall, regeneration of cell proliferation to the end of the entire situation. But with the increase of aging, changes in the internal function of the body and the environment changes, the rate of keratinocyte fragmentation and fall will be affected, the old dead skin adhesive force is too strong resulting in slow cell regeneration of regenerating cells, the skin becomes rough , Loss of elasticity and luster, so when the horny maintenance has become a necessary thing to do.

"Horny maintenance" means that is simply exfoliating it?

Not. Exfoliating horny maintenance of only a few, in order to clear the cell display to clear the obstacles, but also with the deep thinking from the skin to speed up cell innovation, to help regenerate keratinocyte proliferation fragmented, rejuvenate the skin's vitality.

How about the horny maintenance?

1, the daily cleansing after the use of make-up water, the best is rich in salicylic acid, acid or betaine with the role of the old waste horny make-up water, with external gentle Wen wipe to stop the skin to introduce new dead skin cell.

2, Weekly maintenance, can use the rich kaolin composition of the cleansing mask to help the adsorption of fat and dead skin cells, mature skin and sensitive skin can think about the use of enzyme-rich (active enzyme) or glycolic acid composition of horny Huanfu mask, in the gentle horny skin together to prevent the skin to bear.

3, the use of rich in keratin culture components such as Shegan, birch access, gentian root and ceramide and other components of the maintenance of goods for the skin to make up the necessary energy to accelerate the process of keratinocyte metabolism.

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