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Materials and functions to determine ...

Materials and functions to determine the price advantage

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Barber chair is the most important part of the barber shop, the function of the value of this decision and the price also has the upper and lower, easy chair and other chair is different from the central head, back, legs and other adjustable angle, the general electric Conditioning, pneumatic conditioning, manual conditioning three conditioning methods. Elegant chair head is usually open an oval hole, when the guests do massage, body breathing when used.

Chair frame structure: usually beauty equipment chassis with wooden frame, iron frame spray Shuo, stainless steel frame, aluminum frame, in general, relatively high cost of wood, followed by aluminum and stainless steel frame. Iron frame which is relatively affordable, fastness is also reliable, the defect is a long time after the paint will be scattered, the interface will be open plastic. Tiejiao spray Shuo looks very smooth, but also not easy to rust, but also easy to weld into a solid, but in a place as wet as stainless steel rust. Solid wood bed frame capacity of the chair is also higher reliability, and gives a higher level, but because of higher costs, resulting in higher prices.

Soft package structure: Soft bag filled with soft foam is usually used with two sponges to ensure a certain degree of warmth, but also to ensure that the bed is not deformed and high resilience. Fabric with leather material according to many, usually leather, PU leather, ultra-fine leather, leather, etc., can also be used fabric.

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