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Talking about the Selection Method of...

Talking about the Selection Method of the Diversity of Fabric

2016-10-31 14:44:53 浏览次数:804

Today, a wide variety of fabrics, pick too much so that customers do not know which one to choose the most appropriate. For the market, there are many fabrics, and only make a full understanding in order to choose a more suitable for their own capacity chairs.

Under normal circumstances, the printing pattern of thin fabric due to the simple process and cheap; and patterns and other patterns are more solid, but also more upscale. Careful observation of the fabric pattern when buying is what kind of situation, the latitude and longitude by the weaving out of the pattern with three-dimensional, not as smooth as printed fabrics. Again, from pure cotton, pure wool fine woven fabrics than ordinary rayon fabrics of high grade.

The leather texture chair has two layers of skin, a layer of skin is the outermost layer, this layer of leather toughness, flexibility, production capacity into chairs, after repeated pressure is not easy to crack, is a high-grade fabric, with a special Magnifying glass to see the first layer of skin can also see the clear pores; second layer of skin is a piece of U-turn skin left leather, the skin surface tension and toughness are not as good as the first layer of skin, long-term use of surface paint film fabrics often affect To the overall effect and price, so need to be carefully selected, of course, can not be ignored within the filler. The use of two-story leather sofa fabric, prone to cracks in the purchase to pay special attention to distinguish the two-story leather can be seen through the magnifying glass can clear the pores of the first layer of skin; hand pinch leather, soft, flexible and good For the first layer of skin.

We should also pay attention to their own store decoration style, including floor color and wall color, these factors are considered good, choose a more suitable fabric, for their stores to add more color.

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