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Factors Affecting the Adjustment of E...

Factors Affecting the Adjustment of Enterprises' Strategic Strategy

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Strategic adjustment as the enterprise implementation of the dynamic management of the strategic management of the chair. This kind of dynamic enterprise's strategic management is affected by the enterprise core ability, the entrepreneur's behavior as well as the enterprise culture and so on the factor influence.

1, the enterprise core competence

Change or adjust the business field or direction, first of all need to analyze the capacity of the enterprise has formed the core capacity and its utilization. In the competitive market, enterprises in order to timely achieve their products and continue to expand their market share, must be formed and make full use of some or some competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is the core of enterprise performance in the competitive market, and it is difficult for the enterprise to compete with the competitors, or even can not imitate a certain characteristic. Its purpose is to constantly strive for more market users, but also for customers to create value.

2, entrepreneurial behavior tendency

As a dynamic enterprise's strategic management of the tracking decision-making, strategic adjustment and other types of business decisions, like the impact of entrepreneurial behavior. We can even think that the strategic adjustment in the dynamic enterprise strategic management is the result of entrepreneurial behavior choice. The impact of entrepreneurial behavior on business performance and strategic adjustment can also be analyzed from the perspective of the impact of entrepreneurial behavior on firm behavior choice. The long-term or short-term characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior will affect the use of existing production and management capacity, or the re-creation or creation of the future management ability, thus affecting the sustainable development of enterprises. The entrepreneur's values and behavior preferences will not only Affect the evaluation and selection of different business fields or directions, but also affect the choice of technology path and level and the focus of functional activities in a given direction, which not only affects the enterprise to adapt to the market environment, but also affect the enterprises in the process of adaptation activities s efficiency.

3, corporate culture

As a result of enterprise or entrepreneurial behavior choice of enterprise strategic adjustment decisions must be affected by the corporate culture. The corporate culture is the sum of the values and codes of conduct which are universally recognized by employees. The characteristics of these concepts and norms can be expressed through the daily behavior of enterprises and their employees. The realization of the above-mentioned functions of culture is not only efficient, but also the lowest cost and the longest lasting effect compared with the other tools that need to be used in the process of enterprise strategy formulation or adjustment and organization implementation. In this sense, culture is the most effective and effective means of enterprise strategic management.

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