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About the purchase guide of beauty bed

About the purchase guide of beauty bed

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Today, the beauty bed manufacturer Zhaohui Li's container materials will talk to you about the purchase guide of beauty beds.

1. Choice of beauty bed style

With different shapes and materials, the beauty bed will have a diversified style. Italian style beauty beds generally use brightly colored single-tone fabric bedspreads, which are simple, individual and generous; European and American beauty beds generally use plaid and floral fabric covers to create a natural and warm atmosphere; classic style beauty bedspreads It will use brocade or silk weave with gold thread to show the elegant and gorgeous temperament, which is suitable for high-level clubs.

Beauty bed

Beauty bed

In addition to a single style, the beauty bed can also be mixed and matched. For example, a simple modern style beauty bed can be matched with pastoral style or Chinese cushions, and a Chinese style beauty bed can be matched with Southeast Asian style, and the ratio of the latter can be appropriately increased, but when matched with European style, the latter can only be slightly embellished.

2. Quality selection of beauty bed

The quality of the beauty bed is mainly selected from three aspects: shape, material, and craftsmanship. In terms of fabrics, this kind of bed is frequently used. The fabric should be thick, resistant to friction, not easy to pilling, and have a long life. The leather should be made of mid-range and durable PU leather; good fabrics have almost no color difference and are not easy to fade. The weaving work is excellent, and it has good stain resistance, and some even have flame retardant and antistatic functions.

The beauty bed should be lined for easy removal and washing. The filler and the wrapping cloth are closely attached to each other, the surface is flat and comfortable to the touch, and there are no obvious folds between each part. The surface patterns are uniformly spliced and the workmanship is exquisite.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the purchase of beauty beds. Guangdong Jiangmen Zhaohui Li Container Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that develops and produces beauty beds, hairdressing beds and chairs. With strong technical force and advanced equipment, for a long time, it has aimed at the domestic and international grooming and hairdressing bed and chair market, continuously improving product grades, ensuring product quality, and has a group of experienced designers, constantly developing new products, and successively developing a variety of products New ergonomic product.

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