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Moisture-proof tips for different cha...

Moisture-proof tips for different chair materials

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of materials for the chair. The cushions and backrests are mainly made of leather or cloth fabrics. The overall frame is mainly made of wood or metal. No matter which material, it is easy to get damp or mold in continuous rainy days. So what? How to prevent the chair from getting damp? Today, the chair manufacturer Zhaohui will have a specific talk with you.

1. Leather part: The leather will become hard when it gets cold when it gets damp, and mildew spots are easy to appear on the surface of some corners, and even some furniture will be deformed or faded when it gets damp. After dust removal and mildew removal, the surface should be smeared with special mink oil, leather oil, etc., leather sofa can put some desiccant under it to keep it dry.

2. Fabric part: The fabric is moisture-proof. Use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface. You can blow the sofa with low-grade hot air with a hair dryer to help remove the moisture in the sofa.

Rong Chair Manufacturers

Rong Chair Manufacturers

3. Wood part: The key point of wood moisture-proof is to maintain its luster. You can use a special cleaning agent or protective wax to evenly coat the surface of the furniture and wipe it lightly.

4. Wood-based panels: If the edges are not properly sealed or damp, it will easily cause the wood-based panels to swell or be damaged due to water absorption. Therefore, when starting to use wood-based panels, take waterproof measures and add a layer of waterproofing to the parts that are easy to absorb water. Mat or close measures.

5. Metal parts: It is best to wipe the metal parts frequently with a dry rag on wet days. If rust occurs, use a dish cloth or toothbrush moistened with rust inhibitor to remove it, and then polish it with a dry cloth.

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