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What is the general size of the shamp...

What is the general size of the shampoo bed? What types of shampoo beds are there?

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To put it simply, a shampoo bed is a bed on which you can lie on to wash your hair-it is common in barber shops, so what is the general size of a shampoo bed? What types of shampoo beds are there? Let’s get to know it today.

1. What is the general size of the shampoo bed?

1. The size of the conventional hairdresser's shampoo bed is usually stepped, with a total length of 185*width of 65-75, and an inclined height, and the height of the shampoo bed is different from the cushion to the head basin. Each type of shampoo bed is ergonomically designed to optimize the comfort of the shampoo bed.

2. Due to different product styles, the size will be different. Usually, the size of the shampoo bed is 2100mm long and 700mm wide, and the height can be flexibly controlled (because the height can be raised or lowered according to people's operating habits). The length of the sitting shampoo bed is about 1.2 meters, which is shorter than the length of the shampoo bed in ordinary barbershops. It is more suitable for barbershops or families with small space.

Shampoo bed

Shampoo bed

3. There are many brands, types and shapes of shampoo beds in barber shops, so the size of shampoo beds in each barber shop is not consistent. -The size of the shampoo bed in some barber shops is relatively small. This shampoo bed can be bought and used at home, and family members can also add emotion to the family shampoo. Some barber shops also use this small shampoo bed. The size of this shampoo bed is relatively small. It only has an upper body posture, and its legs are on the stool.

2. Types of shampoo bed

1. Seated shampoo bed: Most of them are made of environmentally friendly leather, imitation leather and PU leather. The molded sponge is used as a filling material. The bed body can be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and shaped board. The back is leather and sponge. Its advantages are: classic and generous style, no location, strong practicability. Suitable for small space beauty salons or other places. But the user experience is not good after washing!

2. Semi-recumbent shampoo bed: The size of this shampoo bed is between the sitting shampoo bed and the horizontal shampoo bed. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized beauty places.

3. Recumbent shampoo bed: its comfort is stronger than sitting and semi-recumbent. Such a shampoo bed occupies a lot of space, so it is suitable for a spacious hairdressing place. But in the user experience, guests of course prefer the full-lying shampoo! It will not wet the collar of the guest, and it will also allow the guest to rest and relax during the shampooing process! This shampoo bed is divided into Japanese and Thai styles. Full lying style!

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