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About the specific cleaning methods o...

About the specific cleaning methods of different shampoo beds

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Regarding the specific cleaning methods of different shampoo beds, we must first understand the structural characteristics of the shampoo beds. The more common ones are solid wood structure, aluminum alloy structure, stainless steel structure, and marble structure. Among them, the cost-effective ratio of wooden shampoo beds is relatively high. , The texture is delicate, with a retro style. Today, the shampoo bed manufacturer Zhaohui Container Material Editor will talk to you in detail about the specific cleaning methods of different shampoo beds.

Choose the way to clean the shampoo bed according to the structure:

1. Wooden shampoo bed

Wipe with neutral detergent. Strong acid and alkali detergent will corrode the wood structure.

Luxury electric shampoo chair

Simple European-style design, stylish line design, full of futuristic sense, high-grade high-quality leather, wear-resistant and easy to clean, built-in shampoo pillow in the wash basin, fits the neck curve, not easy to splash, intimate and comfortable, suitable for European style Hair salon use

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2. Marble shampoo bed

Marble is a porous stone, it is easier to absorb various liquids, and is easy to dye. When the colored liquid leaks to the marble surface, if it is not cleaned in time, and repeated for a long time, stubborn stains will appear on the marble surface.

There are two ways to clean marble:

A. Daily cleaning

The daily cleaning of marble also needs to use a neutral detergent;

B. Special stains

If the marble is contaminated with acidic liquid, the absorption is better than direct wiping. You can use baking powder and soda water to make a paste, and then apply it to the contaminated countertop. After it dries, wipe off the paste with a wet towel, and then wipe it with a dry towel. clean.

3. High-end beauty salon shampoo bed

Simple and elegant style, integrating beauty bed, shampoo bed, professional drip bed in one, with high-density filling inside, stable and comfortable, the wash basin is smooth and delicate, easy to clean, support cervical pressure, optimize quality, support Strong, sturdy and durable.

4, stainless steel shampoo bed

Most of the surface of stainless steel is chromium-plated, chromium has high stability and good corrosion resistance, so the cleaning of stainless steel can also be divided into daily and stubborn stains.

A. Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning should also try to use a neutral detergent, especially some stainless steel surface is polished, strong alkali or strong acid detergent may scratch the surface of the stainless steel.

B. Deal with stubborn stains

To deal with stubborn stains, it is necessary to choose an abrasive cleaner. First, use a soft cloth dipped in a paste of water and edible baking soda to wipe on the stainless steel. Then, repeat patiently wiping repeatedly, and then rinse thoroughly.

Note that stains that cannot be wiped off even after hard work, do not use rough cleaning cloths such as steel wool to clean them.

5, aluminum shampoo bed

Aluminum alloy's unique metallic luster and lighter characteristics are more popular with consumers. When cleaning aluminum alloy, you can clean it directly with clean water. The biggest problem of aluminum alloy is that it is easy to peel off. Only regular paint retouching can extend the service life of aluminum alloy.

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