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Which aspects should be paid attentio...

Which aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a beauty bed?

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There are many beauty massage beds on the market, such as beauty massage beds, electric pedicure massage sofas, massage steaming beds, etc. The prices range from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, so you should pay attention when buying a beauty bed. What about those aspects?

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Style structure

There are many styles of beauty massage beds. For different styles and different massage and beauty items, the styles you choose are different. Of course, the simpler the structure and the fewer functions, the cheaper the price, while the more versatile and complete functions such as the electric foot massage sofa and the massage steaming bed are relatively high.


The function is a factor that affects the price of beauty massage beds. Merchants cannot blindly choose cheap beauty massage beds. They should attach importance to the customer's experience. Only with good experience will there be repeat customers. Therefore, paying attention to the customer's experience is a respect for both parties.

Fabric and sponge

Generally speaking, the fabrics of beauty massage beds are leather and fabric. There are many styles of fabrics on the market, and animal skin is the more expensive one. However, many black-hearted businesses on the market use imitation leather as animal skins. We must be careful about this issue when purchasing. Then there is the problem of sponge. The material and filling density of the sponge are also a factor that greatly affects the user experience, as well as the price.

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