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Buy beauty bed tips

Buy beauty bed tips

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Shampoo bed characteristics varied, American and Thai shampoo bed often use solid color or checkered fabric to build a natural, warm smell; Spanish classical characteristics of tapestry and sandwiched satin weaving fabric, temperament luxury ; Italy features concise and elegant, commonly used very significant or very cold tone monochrome fabric, unique characteristics. Shampoo bed can be removed from the cloth cleaning, can also be based on a custom from the love of the same set of cloth, in accordance with mood change.

Because the cloth flowers of the changeable, you can deploy a different appearance, you can also deploy a different data, the construction of multiple features, at any time to show the trick-like charming. Mashup not only the table now shampoo bed pattern, not the same characteristics can also be combined. Characteristics of the mashup is the use of home accessories, concise and lively modern characteristics of shampoo bed color allocation criteria in accordance with the traditional Chinese style, or pastoral characteristics of the cushion, can play the role of superfluous, and this deployment of elegant criteria is To a feature-based, another feature to do decorating, the ratio of deployment to harmony, or simply make the room look messy; and characteristics of the Chinese characteristics of Southeast Asia closer to the deployment with the Chinese can be a larger proportion, so not only does not affect the tone , The deployment of appropriate words, but there will be a very good effect; traditional European style can not be too much deployment in the traditional Chinese style, you can use the traditional Chinese-style home with traditional European-style decoration as decoration.

Optional tips: style, fabric, workmanship can not be less

Decision shampoo bed quality of the elements there are three: style, fabric, workmanship. In the purchase of beauty bed should pay attention to: high-end beauty bed is usually cotton lining, other vulnerable parts should be able to wash. Shampoo bed fabric should be compared to a solid, durable, durable conflict can not afford the ball. Beauty bed fabric is divided into domestic and imported, Europe and the United States professional manufacturers shampoo bed fabric excellent quality, minimal color, high color fastness, no weft knitted fabric, especially for some high-grade fabric for the forward anti-fouling ability, appearance also A special treatment. Imports of high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions.

Because the shampoo bed with filler inside, so the cloth is not close, flat, crisp is very important, two handrails and seats, back contact whether the broken fold more carefully examined. If it is a flower picture or checkered picture of the fabric, then look at the splicing flower shape is not deployed together, squares with or without tilt or distortion. Work is good or bad quality assurance is indeed the quality of security, shampoo bed program plays a decisive role.

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